Moses is a "must see" show in Branson.

Moses is a “must see” show in Branson.

At Branson Segway, we are often asked by tourists what shows we recommend. With that in mind, I try to see as many shows as possible every season. Because I have seen so many of their shows, I have come to expect spectacular shows at Sight and Sound Theater. I must tell you, though, their latest show stands out even among all of their other spectacular shows.

Moses – at Sight and Sound Theater – is, as you might expect, the story of the biblical character, Moses. The story follows him from his birth to the crossing of the Red Sea, and his receiving of the Ten Commandments. It is, without a doubt, a better retelling than I could have imagined, every bit as good as the classic movie by Cecil B. DeMille. The cast is superb. The script is well-written, with just the right amount of humor scattered through it to offset what otherwise might have seemed to be a heavy-handed story. It offers plenty of drama, well-trained animals, and wonderful special effects.

It is those special effects that I find the most spectacular. The staff that changes to a snake is remarkable as anything one might see at one of Branson’s magic shows. The ten plagues make great use of state of the art multimedia, and the parting of the water seems to engulf the entire theater.

If you only see one show while in Branson, we recommend Moses. While at Branson Segway, ask us about our other favorite shows and activities. We can even help you find tickets, if you wish.