It seems that most Branson visitors have a routine.  They see their favorite shows, eat at their favorite restaurants, shop to their favorite stores, and play at their favorite amusements. Many people, though, spend much of their time looking for something new (or new to them) or different to do while in Branson.  With that in mind, here is a list of 5 out of the ordinary things to do in Branson.


5 Out of the Ordinary Things to Do in Branson

  • The World’s Largest Toy Museum – My wife kept her Barbies.  She was born the same year that the Barbie Doll was created and she has one of the originals.  It is not worth much, for – like most little girls – she played with it. It is well worn. The box is missing. Still, she has it put away and out of reach of the grandkids.

Imagine, now, a place where generations of toys go to retire.  One million toys, including the toys you grew up with and the toys your parents, grand-parents, and their grandparents grew up with, are all on display.  The GI Joe that I had as a kid is there, or at least one like it.  So are the Ninja Turtles and Smurfs like my children had growing up.  The World’s Largest Toy Museum is every kids dream. It is fun (and educational) for the entire family, and it is one of the best out of the ordinary things to do in Branson

  • Rose O’Neill Museum at Bonniebrook – Every little girl who grew up with a Kewpie doll will want to visit Bonniebrook. Bonniebrook is more than just a museum of Kewpies, though.  It is an art gallery, full of illustrations from the turn of the twentieth century.

Rose O’Neill’s home has also been reconstructed.  The original home, which burnt to the ground in 1947, was the first in the Branson area to have a telephone, indoor plumbing, and electricity.  This unique museum is a must see for art lovers and anyone who grew up with Kewpie Dolls.  It is one of my favorite out of the ordinary things to do in Branson.

  • Promised Land Zoo – Lions, tigers, and bears; oh boy!  Lemurs, baboons, spider monkeys, two-toed sloths, hyenas, kangaroos, snakes, alligators, owls, and much more… That’s just a partial list of the animals you will see when you visit the Promised Land Zoo in Branson.

The Promise Land Zoo is not an ordinary zoo, rather it is a hands-on experience.  Guests may help with feeding many of the animals, experience live-animal shows, visit the petting zoo, and help bottle feed the baby animals.  Zookeepers are always on hand to assist and answer questions. If you are looking for out of the ordinary things to do in Branson, this should be on your list.

  • Mel’s Hard Luck Diner – In a town that has become Mecca for talented singers and musicians, it should be no surprise that many restaurants offer live music.  What may be a surprise is the retro diner where the wait staff take turns singing as they take your order and deliver your food.  Honestly.  They sing while they wait tables.  Not only is it fun, but the food is pretty darned good, also.

Every time I have eaten at Mel’s I found the entertainers pretty entertaining.  That is, they are talented singers.  I suppose many of them have performed or currently perform in shows in Branson, or, perhaps, they hope to.  I’ve always wanted to ask, but never have.  I figure there is a human interest story in each and every waiter/singer.  I know it is fun; something to remember for a lifetime. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary in Branson, check out Mel’s Hard Luck Diner.

  • Branson Segway and Adventure Center – From the second one steps on a
    Our favorite out of the ordinary things to do in Branson. Branson Segway

    Our favorite out of the ordinary things to do in Branson. Branson Segway

    Segway to the minute one steps off, the fun never stops.  The Segway Personal Transporter, designed and built in America, is built to intuitively respond to even the slightest positional shift from it’s rider.  It moves forward as the leans forward.  It slows as the rider leans back.  And, it turns with the leaning of the handlebars, left or right.

Riders at Branson Segway are given thorough instructions on the operation of the machine.  Each and every one are given personal training by experienced trainers.  After a few minutes riding in our practice area, riders are hen accompanied onto the track with a Segway Coach. For those looking for out of the ordinary in things to do in Branson, then this is it.