• The track at Branson Segway and Adventure Center will not be open for the 2019 Season
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  • Phone 417-336-2744 to discuss booking Segway adventures for your church or school group at your location.

Feel the excitement of riding an amazing Segway® PT at the Branson Segway and Adventure Center. We’ve made it safe and easy for family and friends to come and play on our free-roaming track. Everyone loves the sensation and freedom a Segway® PT offers, so come see for yourself today!

A Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) is a self-balancing device and its name is derived from the word "segue" which means, "follows." The motorized scooter uses gyroscopes to remain upright and is controlled by the direction in which the rider leans. Riders lean backwards, forwards and to the left and right using a thin handlebar attached to a pole.

At Branson Segway we offer more than just a fun ride on a Segway. Our Adventure Center is staffed with local experts that can help you find and book other fun things to do in Branson. The Adventure Center is backed by iBranson and offers fun beyond just the rides here at Segway. Call us today and find out more about our Adventure Center and what it has to offer.

Our thoroughly trained staff will teach everyone how to be safe on their personal Segway® PT. Everyone will be able to properly handle their self-balancing Segway® PT in no time. We’ll accompany each person to the track to make sure they feel fully confident before letting them roam free. Below is a list of what we provide as well as a list of things you should consider bringing.

  • Protective Helmet
  • Pro Instructions
  • Friendly Assistance
  • Desire to Learn New Skill
  • Sunglasses (optional)
  • Great Attitude